About Us

Welcome to the Studopia Family!

Parul Wadodkar, P.Eng

Founder and Lead Instructor

Studopia wants to be your Ultimate Study Buddy and the Only Tutor you Need. In this digital era, Studopia offers essential and affordable tutoring from the comfort of your own home. Currently, we have started out with the Alberta curriculum but plan to expand to all provinces of Canada. We offer the following features, setting us apart from others:


  • 5 Minute Concept Videos: Short Attention Span? We’ve Got Your Back! Every Concept Video is Guaranteed to be Five Minutes or Shorter, Perfect for Quick Learning.
  • Textbook Examples Explained Step by Step: Examples Explained for Every Unit, Ranging from Easy to Hard.
  • Practice Exams and Full Solutions for Every Unit: Hand Selected Questions for Every Practice Unit Test with Full Handwritten Solutions.
  • Highly Organized Content: Stop Browsing Through 100’s of Videos just to Find What you are Looking For! Our Videos are Broken down to Match your Curriculum Exactly, for Efficient Learning.

Here at Studopia, we keep a profound belief in our goal, Empower Young Minds and Help them Achieve their Goals by Making Learning Easier and Accessible at an Affordable Rate.

We look forward to you joining our Studopia Family. 

Parul is the Founder and Lead Instructor of Studopia. She found her passion for teaching while working multiple part time jobs, tutoring junior high and high school students during her university years. Upon graduation, she continued tutoring Math, Physics, Chemistry and Calculus to students, alongside her mom and sister. She quickly built a reputation for herself and helped many students along the way. She strongly believes that tutoring should be accessible to everyone remotely at an affordable price and founded Studopia. Her vision for Studopia is to be the ultimate study buddy for students and empower them through self learning. She focuses on concepts and believes that a good foundation is required to build a strong future.  


A Professional Engineer and a member of APEGA, Parul earned a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. She is a big believer in motivating young minds to love STEM and encourage them to work hard and be an integral part of our scientific future.